IPDAA Virtual Events 2015 Salone Milano

IPDAA Virtual Events Milano App is an augmented reality tool used to experience and enjoy in a totally new way our design exhibitions. It is available starting from the design week of Milano Salone del Mobile 2015. Through the app, the user can visit our virtual events geo-localized within a designated are.

A detailed navigation map helps to reach the spots where the exhibitions take place. When the user is close enough to an IPDAA Virtual Event, the app activates the camera and the experience will begin. The user will be able to walk through and around our designs, changing his point of view in real time. A user guide is always available during the app usage.

All IPDAA Virtual Events are free and available all day and night long. This is the only way to discover our new design projects in advance and get to know the future trends of our design studio. For more info and to know when and where otherIPDAA Virtual Events Apps will be available, keep following our website at the address www.ipdaa.com