Augmented Reality Developer – Job Description for dummies

Augmented Reality (AR) Developers enhance a customer’s experience by overlaying digital information on top of the real world. In GPS-based augmented reality they increase a person’s perception of the surroundings they are in, for example by providing information and media on the Empire State Building when the user is close to the landmark. In Marker based augmented reality they enhance what’s right in front of the user, for example when they scan a marker on a book they can see other books by that author and links to purchase them.

The AR Developer’s role is to work closely with the client throughout the design and implementation process in order to ensure that the final product will accomplish the objectives for the project, while meeting the brand requirements for the client. AR Developers are responsible for putting the plan into action, which may include designing AR assets, coding, enhancing the UI and UX for the end user, along with providing support and ongoing maintenance for the client during the project’s life cycle. Due to the constant innovations on this new field, the role of the AR Developer continues to become more complex and specialized.



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